Living Streets Scotland workshop, Inverness

Thursday, December 03, 2015

Starts 0 am

Venue: Spectrum Centre, Margaret Street, Inverness
Living Streets Scotland workshop for community, local authority, and community planning partners. 
An opportunity to share experience and learning in developing and delivering interventions that enable and encourage more people to walk more often as part of every day journeys. Workshops will include a taster Community Street Audit and will focus on: 
  • Making the Case for Walking - Increasing our understanding of the social, economic and health impacts of reductions in walking rates on specific groups in communities and on communities as a whole, and of the benefits to increases in walking rates.
  • Raising awareness of the most common barriers to walking (physical environment and other barriers) and challenges faced by people of different ages and abilities using our local streets.
  • Sharing ways of engaging with communities to understand walking issues, co-produce effective solutions, and deliver real change.
  • Exploring the potential for raising walking levels via behaviour change interventions, and effective improvements to the physical environment. 
For more information contact Penny Morriss 

Funded by the Scottish Government and Paths for All, the Walkable Communities project allows us to work with partners to help to deliver the core aims of the National Walking Strategy.

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