Low Carbon Scotland 2015 Edinburgh 24-25 Feb

from Tuesday, February 24, 2015
to Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Starts 9 am

Low Carbon Scotland 2015: Towards a successful, sustainable tomorrow, today -  is a unique conference that will address Scotland’s current carbon position and allow us to hear from those leading and driving the policies and proposals.

The main focus of the conference is to discuss how public sector can reduce their carbon emissions, the current situation will be highlighted and a discussion surrounding how this can be improved and delivered will play an imperative part within the conference.

Local authorities, third sector, private sector, families, communities and individuals all play a paramount role in achieving a sustainable and low carbon Scotland. Partnerships are vital in overcoming the challenges and in discovering new opportunities.

The conference will outline an array of solutions that can assist in reducing carbon emissions and throughout the day a number of excellent case studies will be showcased.

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January 2015
The Gaelic Months, talk by Roddy MacLean, Inverness
12 January 2015
February 2015
Aspen, talk by John Parrot, Inverness
2 February 2015
Low Carbon Scotland 2015 Edinburgh 24-25 Feb
from 24 Feb 2015
to 25 Feb 2015
March 2015
Canal Wildlife, talk by Stephen Wiseman, Inverness
2 March 2015
May 2015
Wildcat Action Plan, talk, Inverness
11 May 2015
June 2015
Dragonflies of the Highlands, talk by Jonathan Willet, Inverness
1 June 2015
Clayfest - Earth Building UK, Errol
from 8 Jun 2015
to 13 Jun 2015

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