About Highland Environmental Network

Delegates discussing environmental issues at our conference.

Supporting organisations include

The Highland Environmental Network (HEN) was first established in 1991 with the intention of supporting environmental education. Since then, we have played an important and respected role in this field in Highland. Over time, our role has widened due to the need and expectations of our members. Our overall objective for the organisation which is: 
To coordinate and enable the sharing of information, expertise, education and action on the environment and sustainability in the Highlands of Scotland. 
    Take a look at our 2014 - 2015 Annual Report 

    HEN Ltd

    As part of this process, HEN became a company limited by guarantee in December 2013. 



    HEN is managed by a team of three directors who are responsible for the organisation.

    Newsletter and bulletins

    We have previously published a weekly e-news digest - The HEN Feed and published themed e-newsletters which we aim to resume. Subscribe
    Hen conferences
    Each conference has looked at a topical environmental subject. In recent years a wide range of themes have been covered such as: Green Routes to Health (2013) impact of climate change on access to the outdoors has on our health and wellbeing From Fuel Poverty to Green Gold (2012)realistic and sustainable options for alternatives to traditional energy sources." Green is the New Black" (2011) engaging with communities“Grounds for Action” (2006) a hands-on practical day that focused on school grounds and community gardens.
    Networking events
    These are organised as needs are identified. Examples of past HEN networking events include a workshop in partnership with waste SEPA (Scottish Environment Protection Agency) to create a Highland-wide Waste Awareness Plan, and a School Grounds networking day, which provided an opportunity to show case the activities of Highland practitioners who can help schools improve their school grounds. In 2005, a network for educators to get together informally to swap ideas and discuss common issues was created.

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