Highland Environment Forum

HEN provides a secretariat for the Highland Environmental Forum (HEF) which is part of the Highland Community Planning Partnership. This delivers the Scottish government's Single Outcome Agreement through partnership working across a wide variety of organisations and subject areas. The Highland Environment Forum members work together on environmental issues that can benefit from a cross organisational approach and to implement the environment section of the Highland Single Outcome Agreement.


The aims of the Highland Environment Forum are to:
  • Foster and coordinate activity on environmental matters, both within and at the Highland level.
  • Take forward relevant actions identified in the Single Outcome Agreement, and be a valuable source of practical advice on the joint delivery of SOA outcomes.
  • Identify and respond to emerging environmental agendas, and provide a link between local groups and national strategies, action plans and reporting procedures
  • Raise awareness and promote good practice on environmental issues across Highland. 


Forum membership is open to all groups with an interest in Highland environmental issues. If you would like to get involved and receive details of forthcoming meetings get in touch via


Full details of the work of the Highland Environment Forum, including working groups and minutes, can be found on their website 

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