Highland Environment Forum

HEN acts a secretariat for the Highland Environmental Forum (HEF) which is part of the Highland Public Services Partnership, the name for Highland’s Community Planning Partnership.
The Highland Environment Forum aims to strengthen co-ordination of partners’ activities in delivering the environmental outcomes of Highland’s Single Outcome Agreement; and this includes addressing climate change. Partners include The Highland Council; Highlands and Islands Enterprise; NHS Highland; Scottish Natural Heritage; Police Scotland; National Fire and Rescue Service; Scottish Council for Development and Industry; and representatives from the voluntary sector.
Last November 2013, The Highland Council launched the Carbon CLEVER initiative which aims to deliver a carbon neutral Inverness in a low carbon Highland by 2025.  Partnership working is key to realising the ambitious aims of this initiative.

Membership is drawn from a wide range of public, private and voluntary organisations, including:
• Crofters Commission
• Scottish Crofting Federation
• Scottish Natural Heritage
• Scottish Environment Protection Agency
• Forestry Commission
• Cairngorm National Park Authority
• Fishermen’s Federation
• Federation of Scottish Aquaculture Producers
• Highland Biodiversity Partnership
• RSPB or Scottish Environment Link
• Scottish Government Rural Inspectorate and Payments Directorate
• Association of Salmon Fishery Boards
• Highland Farm and Wildlife Advisory Group
• National Farmers Union Scotland (Highland Branch)
• Scottish Rural Property and Business Association
• Association of Deer Management Groups
• Scottish Gamekeepers Association
• Highlands & Islands Food & Drink Forum
• Highland Birchwoods Ltd
• Highlands and Islands Enterprise
• Community Energy Scotland
• Northern Constabulary

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